content marketing

Content marketing is undoubtedly the most popular kind of web marketing. Content marketing is more competitive than ever, with 91% of B2B firms frequently producing materials for their audience. When done effectively, content marketing can do wonders for your brand by increasing its reach and visibility.

However, it may quickly become a black hole that drains your time and money without a clear and well-thought-out approach. If you’re still trying to create more leads for your company, you could be making mistakes you need to be aware of.

61% of consumers are more willing to do business with businesses that provide unique and personalized content. This figure demonstrates how effective content marketing can propel your company forward. 

Here are 5 frequent content marketing blunders and how to prevent them to keep you safe.

Making Getting Viral the Single Purpose of Content Creation

Viral content is valuable to your brand. It can bring a large number of visits to your website and quickly raise awareness. However, a viral content marketing plan can easily take time. You’ve seen those pieces on Distractify with a clear goal in mind: the authors are attempting to gain viral status. The only impression a casual reader can form is that they’re stupid. 

Instead, you should always strive to provide quality and value. That is the primary goal of a content marketing campaign. Of course, you’ll profit from suggestions and tactics for making an article go viral, but don’t make those efforts the centerpiece of your marketing strategy. Quality always comes first, and virality follows.

Playing it Safe

Do you know what is causing missed opportunities? – The safe zone. When marketers continue to apply the same old standards, their prospects of generating successful campaigns are slim. Do you know why this is so? Everyone else is following suit. The audience has grown accustomed to stories on “evergreen” issues, top-ten lists, and the same calls to action. Those things are vital, but they won’t get you anywhere if you don’t identify the one thing that sets you apart.

Instead, you should go big and aggressive with your content marketing effort! Try creating various sorts of material, such as infographics, gifs, podcasts, films, and anything else that comes to mind. Create detailed articles on themes that will pique your audience’s attention. They can elevate you to the position of authority. Concentrate on telling more meaningful stories, and always be bold in your claims. That is the only way for you to stand out from the throng.

Focusing on a Single Kind of Content

You created fantastic articles until you realized infographics had a higher chance of going viral. As a result, you concentrated on publishing infographics while abandoning all other sorts of material that were part of your strategy. That is a severe error. Yes, one kind of content may attract more readers than another, but it doesn’t imply you should turn your blog into an endless stream of infographics. What you should do instead: Provide variety! Some topics work well when presented as videos. Some topics lend themselves well to infographics, while others might benefit from long, in-depth written explanations. Consider the message you want to express and the content that best conveys it.

Regardless of personal preferences, a content marketer must consider the audience and the types of content that will engage them more and more. Some people enjoy watching movies, while others prefer reading articles and eBooks. You must make the website appealing to every member of your target audience. There is room on your content marketing schedule for various forms of content. It’s exciting to take risks and explore all the possibilities your industry offers, so be bold and provide something fresh to your audience.

Content with No Substance

If you started your internet marketing with content marketing, you’ve probably made this mistake before. You’d want to test the waters when you’re new to content marketing. You also question your ability, resulting in content with little or no substance. 

So, scrutinize your material and ask yourself if you would share it if you were a regular consumer. How can you expect your customer to share it if you don’t? Proper research on your target audience is essential for any content marketing plan to identify keywords and determine the topics your clients are interested in.

No Proper Planning, Scheduling, or Consistent Production

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place? If you don’t, it’s evident that you’re making content at random. 

That’s like shooting arrows in the dark and hoping for a great result. It would be advantageous if you had a well-documented content marketing strategy and a scheduling/editorial calendar. These will also assist you in achieving consistency in content development. Your audience will enjoy it if you generate content regularly. They’d then know when to expect your next piece of material. However, if you are not consistent, you risk losing your audience to a more consistent competitor in her content output.

Cluttering your page with too much of a good thing

Make the mistake of letting excessive content clutter take over your page. While having much high-quality material is excellent, you should also consider the aesthetics and how everything is laid up. Do not be terrified of blank space. It does an excellent job directing the viewer’s gaze around the page. They will only know what to look at if there’s a little in one place. That’s both aggravating and unpleasant. They’ll move on to something else or abandon your website entirely.

To break up the content:

  1. Write brief paragraphs with images.
  2. Make use of bullet point lists.
  3. Make use of eye-catching images.
  4. Keep your audience engaged as they navigate your pages to avoid losing them! If you think something other than aesthetics is your thing, consider hiring someone to assist you.

Using an Inconsistent Tone or Voice

As a content marketer, you must embody the brand you manage. Instead of being some mysterious individual who varies their writing tone with each post, you should consider your brand’s personality and infuse it into every piece you make.

Put yourself in the shoes of your brand and speak as this specific person. If you can regularly do this, consumers will be more likely to remember you when they need to make a purchase. How do you want to be perceived now that this is at the forefront of your thoughts? And what relationship do you desire with your readers?

Do you want to tell stories? Do you want to be a powerful voice? You may wish to be a personable and approachable figure. Your chosen tone will give your viewers a notion of what your company is all about.

You should brand your company, product, and content. Make it easy for users to remember your website by using specific terms that identify you individually!

It's All About You!

Promoting your website or business is OK, especially if you’re launching a new product or making an exciting announcement. You should, however, exercise caution and avoid being overly self-serving. They will only bother to look at your product if they are already interested in it.

Make your audience’s experience more engaging and enjoyable. The goal of content marketing is not to sell a product. It’s more about selling the concept. Know your audience inside and out, and tailor your resources to different stages of the buyer’s journey.

To avoid this, follow these steps: Limit your writing about yourself if it doesn’t bring value to your intended readers. Instead, respond to the questions and produce stories that speak to them.

Is Your Brand Guilty?

Congratulations if you were one of the businesses that avoided making any of these mistakes! 

You should be reassured about things going right if you take the time to prepare your content marketing strategy and create quality content. You will surely make mistakes — absolutely everyone does! However, you should continue to monitor your campaign’s progress, discovering errors and taking appropriate steps to correct them. To begin, avoid the four severe faults listed above, and you’ll be on the correct way to success.