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What Kind of Content Works Best and Why?

Content marketing is the strategy to go when it comes to lead generation. And, if you genuinely want to stay ahead, you must investigate the various content marketing methods we’ve chosen for this blog post.

Including a variety of Content Marketing tactics in your approach isn’t required.

However, it can make a difference in your numbers.

Because the internet is such a dynamic environment, seeing only one type of content might get tedious.

The more your brand invests in content diversification, the better.

This way, you can investigate the differences in each format and ensure that it’s appropriate for the type of information you are attempting to convey.

Another advantage of varying your material is that your audience will never be bored.

Your business will be able to acquire far more interaction if it uses the correct channels and forms of content marketing than if it merely conducts blog posts or social media regularly.


List articles can appear gimmicky, but they are trendy and are not going away. They’re popular because they’re easy to read, scannable, visually beautiful, and — when done correctly — engaging and highly shareable.

Listicles are also simple to write from the standpoint of content generation. Once you have a topic and a list, all you what’s left with is to fill in the spaces. That doesn’t mean you can toss together a listicle without giving it any thought. Even this content must be instructive and of excellent quality.

Best procedures for listing: Always remember to put a number of your subheadings in a listicle and ensure the number corresponds to the title. Otherwise, readers will be confused. Lists, like other types of content, should have introductions and conclusions and be optimized with relevant keywords. Lists can contain as many numbers as you want, and extensive indexes are just as acceptable as short ones. However details are always vital.

Creating exciting and distinctive titles is vital in writing list articles, but make sure the header corresponds to the content (no clickbait).


Ebooks are long-form literature, that is, as the name implies, electronic books that are frequently available as PDF downloads or in HTML format. This material can provide an excellent outlet for expressing your knowledge and skills on a specific issue. Ebooks can help you generate leads, establish authority, grow your email list, and improve your entire content services.

Best practices for Ebook content

The primary goal of an ebook should be to provide solutions. Otherwise, your readers won’t find it helpful. As a result, spend less effort on advertising and more on generalized solutions. A reasonable rule of thumb for Ebooks is to limit advertising components to 5 to 10% of the material. This type of content necessitates study, patience, and quality writing, so it’s better to plan ahead of time.

The material doesn’t have to be fresh, but if it is, you’ll earn years of return on investment. And can use the Ebook to reach new audiences long after it’s published. Ebooks can be lengthy, so use chapters, subheadings, bullets, images, infographics, and other intriguing formatting features. You should also spend work on the title and design, as they’re what will attract and engage readers.

Video content

Video is a hugely successful form of entertainment, and it’s anticipated to account for 80% of all web traffic by 2020. Furthermore, 96% of consumers find product films useful, and nearly 75% are more likely to buy after seeing a video. 

Any video content will assist you in engaging your audience, increasing shares and comments, increasing conversions, and driving traffic to your website. Among other options are interviews, call-in programs, a behind-the-scenes peek at the business, and explanatory videos.

Best practices for video content

Just like Ebooks and other types of content, the primary goal of a video should be to deliver value to your audience by answering questions, providing answers, addressing pain spots, or providing other relevant information. 

Remember, you’re making content, not advertisements. Keep your videos between two and three minutes long, and include a CTA at the end that directs visitors to a landing page or your website. Once your movie is complete, please submit it to sites like Vimeo and YouTube to maximize visibility, embed it in related posts, and share it on your blog.

How-to Guides Content

How-tos and instructional content are akin to long-form blog pieces that detail how to do anything from accomplishing a chore to building something, among other things. The specifics of your instructional will vary depending on your audience and sector, but this form of material is excellent for sharing expertise, developing trust, and growing email lists.

Best practices for how-to guides

One of the most important things to remember is that they should be of high quality in terms of writing since they must be clear, succinct, and exact in instructing readers on how to execute the task at hand. The layout and design of the item should make it easy to read, break the process down into manageable steps, and most likely incorporate images, screenshots, videos, and other graphic components to highlight essential points or difficult-to-complete steps. If it’s applicable, include a list of essential materials, and ensure you adequately address all information readers require to complete their task.

Case Studies Content

Case studies effectively make topics more relevant since they use archetypal instances to demonstrate pain points and obstacles your audience face. Another reason it’s a fantastic choice is that it shows prospects how your brand or services can assist them in solving difficulties they’re having. This fosters strong relationships and builds loyalty.

Best practices for case studies

To produce a good case study, outline the problem your customer was experiencing. Then, review the solution, including concrete and step-by-step examples that they’ll utilize to replicate the process. Finally, present a description of your client’s results while using your products. Highlight how the results solve the problem, and improve your customer’s life.

Consider your content as a success story rather than a case study, and focus on the Hows and Whys to make it more exciting and accessible. Finally, don’t forget to include a clear call to action at the end.

The way you offer information, engage audiences, create traffic, initiate conversations, and communicate with consumers online is through content. Choosing the right content for your business and audience can help you improve your content strategy.


Quizzes are an excellent addition to your content marketing toolkit because interactive content is twice as successful as static content. Incorporating quizzes into your plan is a novel method to engage with your target audience. Using quiz lets know about your clients and cater to their needs and position yourself as the best answer.

Guest Posts

It’s a unique content format since they allow you to reach out beyond your media channels and reach new audience. Because contributed articles are published on third-party websites, they’re excellent for amplifying your brand and building trust. The secret to guest posting success is contributing to the media your target audience reads and trusts.

Podcasts Content

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and ideal for reaching your target audience and functioning as a go-to resource in your industry.

The finest podcasts have professionals discussing various topics or trends in conversations that are thought-provoking but easy to comprehend. It allows audiences to learn about who these people are while also teaching them.

Wrapping it up

With solid ideas, your company can save much money on traditional advertising and employ strategies like SEO to ensure that your content reaches your target audience.

However, creating Content Marketing material can be time-consuming.

Don’t be afraid of your early stats because they will grow over time — and they are merely an indication of the potential of Content Marketing for your brand.